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Cannot Send Scanned Documents

A possible cause may be the wrong send or server settings. Check the following.
A problem with the connection between the machine and the computer may be another possible cause. Also see the items below.

Is the machine's e-mail address set?

Check whether the e-mail address is set correctly.  

Is the destination information specified correctly?

Check whether the destination information is specified correctly.  

Can e-mail be sent from the computer?

Check whether you can send e-mail using the same mail server as for the machine.

Are the e-mail send settings correct?

Check the basic e-mail send settings.  
Use the Remote UI to configure detailed settings for POP authentication before sending or for encrypted communication.  

Are the SMTP server or DNS server settings correct?

If no e-mail can be sent, check whether the SMTP server or DNS server are set correctly.

Is the server information such as the password correct?

Check whether the login password and other server information items are registered correctly.

Isn't the data size of attached files too large?

Reduce the data size of files to send via e-mail.  

Are the SMB send settings correct?

Check the SMB send settings.
Additional settings may be required depending on the network you are using. For more information, contact your Internet service provider or Network Administrator.
To enable TLS for e-mailing.  
To change port numbers.