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Scanning and Sending to an FTP Server

Make settings on the machine or a computer for sending scans to an FTP server. Follow the steps below.
Perform step 1 to step 3.

Step 1 Checking if you need to use PASV

PASV is one of the FTP communication modes used when transferring files. You must use PASV to connect to the FTP server through the firewall. Check if PASV is set on the FTP server beforehand.
Whether to set the FTP's PASV mode depends on your network environment and the destination FTP server settings. Contact your network administrator for details.
To use PASV,

Step 2 Registering the FTP server to the address book

Registering an FTP Server Destination in the Address Book (Remote UI)

Step 3 Scanning an original on the machine and saving it to the FTP Server

Place the original in the feeder or on the platen glass.
Select <Scan> in the Home screen.
If a login screen appears,
Select <File>.
Specify the destination.
Select <Address Book> in the <Specify Destination> tab.
Select the check box for the desired destination, and select <Apply>.
Select <B&W Start> or <Color Start>.
If the original is placed in the feeder
After the original is scanned, the data is sent to the specified FTP server.
If the original is placed on the platen glass (other than when the file format is JPEG)
Select <Start Sending> after the original has been scanned.
The data is sent to the specified FTP server.
If there are multiple originals,