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Smudge Marks Appear on the Edge of Printouts

A possible cause may be that appropriate paper is not used or there is a problem with the margin settings. Check the following.

Are you using appropriate paper?

Check usable paper, and replace with appropriate paper. Also, set the paper size and type correctly.

Do you print data without margins?

This symptom occurs if a margin is set to none in the printer driver. Make sure to have margins around the document to print.
[Finishing] tab  [Advanced Settings]  [Expand Print Region and Print]  [Off]

Do smudges appear on printouts when you perform continuous printing? (MF746Cx / MF744Cdw / MF742Cdw)

This phenomenon may occur when you continuously print jobs containing many images with halftones*. Change the setting of <Auto Clean Fixing Assembly> or <Regularly Clean Fix. Assembly>. By setting <Auto Clean Fixing Assembly>, you can configure so that automatic cleaning of the fixing unit is performed to prevent smudges. If you set <Regularly Clean Fix. Assembly> to a higher level, the frequency of regular cleaning increases.  
*Halftones used for table cells, graphs, presentation materials backgrounds, photographs, etc.
Each time cleaning is performed with <Auto Clean Fixing Assembly>, a sheet of paper is output.
If you set <Regularly Clean Fix. Assembly> to a higher level, the printing speed will be slower.
If the symptom does not improve after changing the setting of <Regularly Clean Fix. Assembly>, or if you do not want to set <Auto Clean Fixing Assembly>, perform <Clean Fixing Assembly (Reduce Paper Back Side Stain)>.  
This operation will be more effective if it is performed about one hour after completion of the previous printing session.