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Enhancing Security to Prevent Others from Printing Out a Document (Secure Print) (Windows)

How to set a PIN when printing a document from a computer so that others cannot print the document without entering the PIN on the control panel of the machine is described here.
Perform step 1 and step 2.

Step 1 Setting a PIN when printing from a computer

Open the document in the application software, and open the print screen.
Select the machine in the print window, and click [Preferences], [Printer properties], or [Properties].
Select [Secured Print] in [Output Method].
If the [Information] pop-up screen appears, click [Yes].
If you click [No], a dialog box appears for entering the user name and the PIN before printing.
The [Secure Print Details] dialog box appears.
Enter the [User Name] and [PIN], and click [OK].
Specify print settings if necessary, and click [OK].
Click [Print] or [OK].
If a [Confirm PIN] dialog box appears, check the document name, the user name, and the PIN, and then click [OK].
The print data is sent to the machine, and saved in memory as a waiting document.
A secured document is automatically deleted after its valid period has elapsed. If you want to change the valid period, see The Document Printed from a Computer Is Not on the Machine (Secure Print).
If you leave secured documents unprinted, they take up space in memory and might prevent ordinary printing. It is recommended to print secured documents soon.
You can confirm the amount of memory secured documents occupy.
<Status Monitor>  <Device Information>  <Secure Print Memory Usage>
To always use the same user name and PIN,

Step 2 Entering the PIN on the machine to print

Select <Secure Print> in the Home screen.
Select the secured document to print, and select <Start>.
You can select and print multiple secured documents that are secured by the same PIN.
If a screen to select a user appears, select your user name.
To delete a secured document, select the secured document and then select <Delete>.
Enter the PIN, and select <Apply>.
If you selected multiple documents with different PINs in step 2, a message is displayed. Select <Close>, and then select the secured documents again in step 2.
Printing starts.