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Cannot Receive Faxes

A possible cause may be the wrong receive mode or wrong receive settings. Check the following.

Are you receiving a fax automatically?

Check that the receive mode is set to <Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)>, <Auto>, <Answering Machine>, or <Net Switch>.  
When set to <Answering Machine>, check that an answering machine is connected to this machine and that it is powered on with an audio response message recorded properly.
Free space in memory may be running low. Print, send, or delete the unnecessary data stored in memory.  

Are you receiving a fax manually?

Check that the receive mode is set to <Manual>.  
Before hanging up the handset, select <Start Receiving> or enter the ID number for Remote Reception. If you hang up the handset first, the communication will be cut off.

Are you using an optical fiber line for fax receiving?

The machine is compliant with use on analog lines. When using an optical fiber line or IP phone line, the machine may not work correctly depending on the connection environment or connected devices. In such a case, contact the provider of the optical fiber line or IP phone.

Are you receiving faxes from fax information services?

Check the current setting of <Select Line Type> to make sure that the type of telephone line is set to tone line.  
If set to pulse line, specify the destination by selecting the Tone button in the <Enter Dest.> tab and then entering the destination. If you enter the destination after selecting the Tone button, tone signals are transmitted even when a pulse line is used.
Perform the receiving operation by following the voice guidance provided by fax information services.