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Printouts Are Grayish

A possible cause may be that there is a problem with the original or the operating environment. Check the following.

Does the original have background color, is it stained, or are you copying an original such as a newspaper that is printed on thin paper so that text or images on the other side are visible through the paper?

Check the original and then adjust the density to the correct settings.  

Does the white background become dark?

Change the <Background Density> setting. Changing the <Adjust (Manual)> setting may solve the problem.  
Depending on the original color, portions other than the background may be affected.

Is the machine installed in the appropriate environment?

Install the machine in an appropriate location.  
Store the toner cartridge in an appropriate location for two to three hours, then try printing again. This may solve the problem. If the problem persists, replace the toner cartridge.