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Enlarging/Reducing a Copied Image

Steps for enlarging or reducing the size of a copied image are described here.
In addition to standard-size scaling, such as <A5->A4/LTR>, you can also specify any scaling in 1% increments.
Place the original in the feeder or on the platen glass.
Select <Copy> in the Home screen.
Select <Copy Ratio>.
Specify copy ratio items.
<100% 1:1>
Makes copies at a copy ratio of 100%.
Makes copies by automatically enlarging/reducing the original image to fit the specified paper size.
Preset copy ratio
Select a copy ratio.
Numeric keys
You can specify any copy ratio from 25% to 400% in 1% increments.
Specify copy settings if necessary.
If you specify <N on 1> after specifying a copy ratio, the copy ratio specified with <N on 1> overrides the previous copy ratio.
Select <Start>.
Copying starts.
If the original is placed in the feeder
The original is automatically scanned.
If the original is placed on the platen glass,
If 2-sided copying or N on 1 is specified, a message prompting you to place a next original appears on the display. Perform the following steps.