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Connecting to a Wireless LAN Using a PIN Code

How to use a computer to register a PIN code generated by the machine to a wireless LAN router is described here.
If wireless LAN is not selected as the connection method for the machine, see Changing to a Wireless LAN Connection and set this in advance.
If your Wireless LAN router is set to use WEP authentication, you might not be able to connect using the WPS PIN code method.
Access your wireless LAN router and display the WPS PIN code setting screen (operate on the computer).
For operation details, see the instruction manual of the wireless LAN router.
Select <Menu> in the Home Screen.
Select <Preferences>  <Network>.
If a login screen appears,
Select <Wireless LAN Settings>.
If <Do you want to enable the wireless LAN?> appears, select <Yes>.
Check the message, and select <OK>.
Select <WPS PIN Code Mode>.
Select <Yes>.
The generated PIN code is displayed on the machine.
Register the generated PIN code on the wireless LAN router (operate on the computer).
Use the WPS PIN setting window in step 1.
You must register the PIN code within 10 minutes after selecting <Yes> in step 7.
If an error message is displayed while making settings, select <Close> and then start again from step 6.
Wait until <Connected.> is displayed on the machine.
Select <Close>.
Wait a few minutes for the IP address, etc. to be set automatically.
If the IP address of the machine has been changed
In a DHCP environment, the IP address of the machine might be changed automatically. However, the connection is maintained as long as the machine and computer are on the same subnet.
If there are multiple wireless LAN routers that can be connected
Connect to the device with the strongest signal strength (RSSI).