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Printed Barcode Cannot Be Read

It is possible that a small barcode or a barcode consisting of thick lines cannot be read.
Enlarge the barcode.
If the direction of lines in the barcode is perpendicular to the paper output direction, turn the image 90 degrees to make the lines parallel to the paper output direction.
If the problem persists even after performing the above operation, change the mode by using [Barcode Adjustment Mode] in the printer driver. The improvement effect is weakest with [Mode 1] and strongest with [Mode 5]. Try the adjustment starting with [Mode 1].
[Finishing] tab  [Advanced Settings]  [Barcode Adjustment Mode]  Select the mode
If the improvement effect is stronger, the print density becomes lighter.
[Barcode Adjustment Mode] may not be displayed depending on the printer driver settings. For information about how to display it, see the manuals for the relevant drivers on the online manual website.
If [Barcode Adjustment Mode] is specified, the <Correct Blurry Image> setting is disabled. In addition, specifying [Mode 4] or [Mode 5] results in slower printing.