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Streaks Appear/Printing Is Uneven

A possible cause may be that appropriate paper is not used or the amount remaining in toner cartridges is running low. Check the following.

Are you using appropriate paper?

Check usable paper, and replace with appropriate paper.

Have you cleaned the fixing unit?

Clean the fixing unit.  

Is the machine installed in an environment where the temperature changes rapidly and drastically?

When the temperature changes rapidly in the environment where the machine is installed, condensation occurs, which may cause fading or bleeding in images and text. If <Control Condensation> is set to <On>, condensation inside the machine will be removed. Condensation removal may be performed automatically due to temperature change.  
While condensation removal is being performed, printing may not be performed properly and blank paper may be output.
If you set to <On>, you need to keep the machine turned ON to maintain the effect of condensation removal.
If you set to <On>, the setting of Auto Shutdown is disabled.  

Do black horizontal streaks appear in the leading edge of paper?

Change the setting of <Rdc. Wrinkles(Humidity)/Streaks>. Setting to <On> may solve the problem.  
If you set to <On>, the printing speed will be slower.

Is the amount remaining in toner cartridge running low?

Check how much the amount remaining in toner cartridges is left, and replace the toner cartridges as necessary.  
Regardless of the displayed toner level, the toner cartridge may have reached the end of its lifetime due to the machine's environmental conditions and the deteriorated materials in the cartridge. Replace the toner cartridge.