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About Paper Jams

If a paper jams, <Paper jammed.> is displayed on the screen. Press <Next> () to display simple solutions.
If it is difficult to understand the procedures on the display, see the following sections to clear jams.
LBP623Cdw / LBP621Cw
Output tray Paper Jams in the Main Unit
Multi-purpose tray/Paper drawer Paper Jams in a Paper Source
Back side Paper Jams in the Main Unit
When removing the jammed paper, do not turn OFF the machine
Turning OFF the machine deletes the data that is being printed.
If paper tears
Remove all the paper fragments to prevent them from becoming jammed.
If paper jams repeatedly
Tap the paper stack on a flat surface to even the edges of the paper before loading it into the machine.
Check that the paper is appropriate for the machine.  
Check that no jammed paper fragments remain in the machine.
Do not forcibly remove the jammed paper from the machine
Forcibly removing the paper may damage parts. If you are not able to remove the paper, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line. When a Problem Cannot Be Solved