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Cannot Connect to the Network

A possible cause may be that selection of ports or IP address setting is wrong. Check the following.
Also see the items below.

Are the correct ports selected?

Check the port settings.
When there is no appropriate port, create it with the printer driver.  

Is the IP address set correctly?

Conduct a connection test to check whether the IP address is set correctly.
In a DHCP environment, an IP address is acquired automatically. Check whether the current IP address is set correctly. If the IP address is not set correctly, check whether the DHCP function of the router or access point is enabled.  
By factory default, <DHCP> and <Auto IP> are activated so that the machine acquires an IP address automatically.

Do the subnetwork address part of the machine's IP address and that of the computer's IP address match each other?

If the subnetwork addresses do not match, make them match by changing the IP addresses of the machine and the computer.  

Is communication not limited by the firewall on your computer?

If IP addresses are or an MAC address is incorrectly entered, you will be not able to access the machine. In that case, you need to use the operation panel to set <IPv4 Address Filter>, <IPv6 Address Filter>, or <MAC Address Filter> to <Off>.

If the machine is turned OFF and then turned ON again, is communication disabled?

When the machine is turned OFF and then turned ON again, it may occur that the machine is assigned a different IP address than the one that has been used. When using DHCP, contact your network administrator and make either of the following settings.
Set <DNS Dynamic Update> to <On> on the machine.  
Make a setting so that always the same IP address is assigned each time the machine is started.