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[macOS] Gęstość wydruku jest zbyt mała

Adjust the toner density and perform printing again.
Screens and operations may differ, depending on the environment of your computer and the following conditions.
The device you are using and its settings, firmware version, and option configuration
The driver you are using and its version
[Printer Features] may be displayed in the pop-up menu, depending on the application you are using. In this case, switch [Feature Sets] on the [Printer Features] panel to display the items to set.
Select the print menu of the application.
On the displayed dialog, select the device you are using from [Printer].
Select [Quality] from the pop-up menu.
If the print options are not displayed, click [Show Details] on the bottom of the dialog.
Click [Quality Settings] on the [Quality] panel.
On the displayed dialog, enable [Toner Density Adjustment] or [Toner Density] → click [OK].
If [Settings] is displayed, you can adjust the toner density for each color. When performing black-and-white printing, only [Black] can be adjusted.