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[macOS] Zeskanowane obrazy są zabrudzone

If scanned images are dirty, the scanning area of the device may be dirty or the original may be unclear.
Check the following to resolve the problem.

Is the platen glass or original cover of the device dirty?

Clean the platen glass, original cover, or feeder scanning area of the device.
For details, refer to the manual of the device.

Is the original in a poor state?

The quality of the scanned image may be improved by correction processing in the utility software.
Configure the following panel or setting, according to the utility software corresponding to the device.
For the MF Scan Utility
The [Scan Options] panel [Image Processing Settings] in the [Settings] dialog
For the MF Toolbox
The [Scan] panel of the scan dialog
For the ScanGear MF
[Advanced Mode] panel