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Streaks Like Dents Appear on the Tail Edge Side

The speed of paper conveyance is not suitable. Check the solutions below.
← Feeding Direction
To improve this situation, adjust each value of the following three items toward the minus end equally.
<Adjust Fixing Speed>
<Adj. Paper Convey. in Cooling Area>
<Adj. Ppr. Convey. in Inv./Outp. Area>
This function may affect how paper is fed. Since increasing the value to a great extent may cause paper jams, we recommend adjusting the values in small increments.
Press  → [Preferences] → [Paper Settings] → [Paper Type Management Settings] → select the type of paper you are using that is having this problem → press [Details/Edit] → [Change] for the three items that need adjustment to adjust each value toward the minus end equally.
 "Paper Type Management Settings" in the User's Guide > see the following items under the subsection "Items that can be specified"
"Adjust Fixing Speed"
"Adj. Paper Convey. in Cooling Area"
"Adj. Ppr. Convey. in Inv./Outp. Area"