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Coarse image is output

Paper realignment speed is inappropriate for uncoated paper or recycled paper with low basis weight.
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To improve this situation when using thick paper heavier than 182g/m2, select [Image Quality Priority] for <Switch Fixing Temperature Adjustment Mode>.
Press  → [Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Image Quality] → [Switch Fixing Temperature Adjustment Mode] → select [Image Quality Priority].
 "Settings/Registration" > "Adjustment/Maintenance" > "Adjust Image Quality" in the User's Guide > see the subsection "Switch Fixing Temperature Adjustment Mode"
Decreasing the paper realignment speed may improve the situation.
Do not allow anyone to change the settings below except for the system manager. For more information on changing the settings, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
Decrease the speed by: Press  → [Preferences] → [Paper Settings] → [Paper Type Management Settings] → select the problematic paper type → [Details/Edit] → [Change] for <Adjust Paper Realignment Speed>.
 "Paper Type Management Settings" in the User's Guide > see "Adjust Paper Realignment Speed" under the subsection "Items that can be specified"