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Editing the Address Book from a Computer (Remote UI)

You can register a new destination or edit an already registered destination in the Address Book of the machine from a web browser on your computer.
Check the IP address of the machine.
IPv4 address: <Status Monitor>  <Network Information>  <IPv4>  Check the setting.
IPv6 address: <Status Monitor>  <Network Information>  <IPv6>  Select the setting you want to check  Check the setting.
Start the web browser.
Enter "http://<the IP address of the machine>/" in the address field, and press the [ENTER] key on the keyboard.
If you want to use an IPv6 address, enclose the IPv6 address with brackets (e.g. "http://[fe80:2e9e:fcff:fe4e:dbce]/").
A security alert may be displayed when the Remote UI communication is encrypted. When certificate settings or TLS settings have no errors, continue browsing the Web site.
Select [System Manager Mode], enter the appropriate ID in [System Manager ID] and PIN in [System Manager PIN], and then click [Log In].
If an access PIN is specified in [Remote UI Access PIN], enter the access PIN.
If Department ID Management is enabled,
Click [Address Book].
If a screen to enter the Address Book PIN appears,
Click [Coded Dial].
Register a frequently used destination as a favorite by clicking [Favorites] so you can easily select it in the Address Book.
Click [Number], [Type], or [Name].
To register a new destination, click the number for which "Not Registered" is specified under [Name], and then proceed to step 8.
To edit a registered destination, click [Number], [Type], or [Name] of the destination to edit, click [Edit], and then proceed to step 9.
To delete a destination, click [Delete].
Select the type of destination to register, and click [OK].
To register a shared folder or FTP server destination, select [File].
Specify the destination settings.
To register or edit a fax destination,
To edit an e-mail or I-Fax destination,
To register a shared folder or FTP server destination,
Click [OK].