Manuals for the Machine

The manuals for this machine are divided as follows. Please refer to them for detailed information.
: Guides with this symbol are printed manuals.
: Guides with this symbol are included on the accompanying CD-ROM.
: Guides with this symbol can be downloaded from the Canon website ( and installed.
Starter Guide
Describes the precautions for using the machine.
Describes how to open and install the machine.
Describes the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for the machine.
Includes the specifications of the machine.
Quick Operation Guide
Describes the basic operations for using the machine.
When you do not understand how to use one of the machine's operations, you can quickly check it here.
e-Manual (This Manual)
Describes all the functions of the machine. Also provided with a search function that is useful for finding and checking information.
Includes "Practical Workflows," which introduces flows of practical operations using functions of the machine.
Driver Installation Guide
Provides instructions on installing the printer, fax, and other drivers.
Printer Driver Installation Guide
Fax Driver Installation Guide
Color Network ScanGear 2 Installation Guide
Mac OS:
Canon Printer Driver Guide
Canon Fax Driver Guide
The CD-ROM/DVD-ROM provided for this product may include manuals in PDF format. If you do not have access to Adobe Reader to view the manuals in PDF format, try other programs such as PDF Preview developed by Vivid Document Imaging Technologies.