Booklet Printing

You can print two pages of a document on each side of each sheet, then fold the sheets in half to create a booklet.
Click [Basic Settings].
For instructions on how to display the printer driver screen, see "Printing" or "Configuring the Default Print Settings."
Select [Booklet Printing] from [1-sided/2-sided/Booklet Printing].
You can also configure detailed settings such as the opening direction and gutter width for booklet printing in the [Detailed Settings for Booklet] dialog box, displayed by clicking [Booklet].
The output image is displayed in the preview area.
For details about the various settings in the [Detailed Settings for Booklet] dialog box, view Help (see "Viewing Help").
Click [OK].

You can also configure this function in the [Finishing] tab.
You cannot set [Finishing] options in the [Basic Settings]/[Finishing] tab when performing Booklet Printing.
The display may vary according to the operating system, as well as the type and version of the printer driver.