Gradation Settings

[Gradation]: [Off]*, [Smooth 1], [Smooth 2]
[Apply to Graphics]: [On]*, [Off]
[Apply to Images]: [On]*, [Off]

Set this function when the gradation of graphics (illustrations made by software applications) or images (bitmap images) does not print smoothly (the colour changes stand out).
[Smooth 2] performs a smoother gradation than [Smooth 1]. If [Smooth 1] is selected and gradation is still not printed smoothly, select [Smooth 2]. You can select whether to apply smoothing to graphics or image data.

This setting does not apply to text data.
If [Smooth 1] or [Smooth 2] is selected, and gradation is applied to halftones, graphics and images may appear grainy.
"Apply to Graphics" and "Apply to Images" are only displayed when [Smooth 1] or [Smooth 2] is selected.