Matching Method

[Text]: [Perceptual]*, [Saturation], [Colorimetric]
[Graphics]: [Perceptual]*, [Saturation], [Colorimetric]
[Image]: [Perceptual]*, [Saturation], [Colorimetric]

This setting allows you to specify a method of printing when the "RGB Source Profile" is applied. This machine includes a colour management system that provides the following colour rendering styles.
Settings can be applied separately for text, graphics, and image data.


This setting produces the best results for photographic or bitmapped images.


This setting is best suited for printing illustrations and diagrams used in business presentations.


This setting is only applied if 'CMS(Matching)/Gamma' is set to [CMS].

The settings for the printer driver and the touch panel display of the UFRII Printer are as follows:
Printer Driver Settings
Touch Panel Display Settings
Perceptual (Match the Monitor)
Set "Matching Method" to [Colorimetric] → set "Output Profile" to [Normal].
Perceptual (Photographic)
Set "Matching Method" to [Colorimetric] → set "Output Profile" to [Photo].
Set "Matching Method" to [Saturation] → set "Output Profile" to [Normal].
Colorimetric (No White Point Correction)*
* Colorimetric (No White Point Correction) can only be set on Windows XP.
To activate the settings in this section, set "CMS(Matching)/Gamma" to [CMS].
To set [Colorimetric], set "Matching Method" to [Colorimetric] → set "Output Profile" to [Photo].
If you want to set "Vivid Photo" when the UFR II driver is installed, set "Matching Method" to [Saturation] → set "Output Profile" to [Photo].