Setting the Printer Options

Before printing, you need to set up the printer configuration in order to use the printer options (such as paper feed options, paper output options, etc.) attached to and installed in the machine. When using the printer driver for the first time, or changing the printer options, set up the printer configuration in the driver.
Displaying the printer information enables you to check the communication method of the machine you are using (bidirectional printing or unidirectional printing). If bidirectional, you can have the option information retrieved and set automatically. If unidirectional, you must set the options manually.
The driver is set to unidirectional printing mode immediately after the machine is added in [System Preferences]. If you are using a device that supports bidirectional printing, display the printer information to switch to bidirectional printing mode.
When the driver is switched to bidirectional printing mode, setting the options manually will have no effect on the driver. If you want to set the options manually, delete and add the printer again in [System Preferences], then set the options manually without displaying the printer information.
For details on how to add the printer, refer to the Printer Driver Guide (see "Installation").