Printing the Address Lists

This report enables you to check the contents of the Address List (Address Lists 1 to 10 or one-touch buttons) in [Set Destination] (Settings/Registration). You can manually print the list of the selected Address List whenever necessary.
Lists can be printed only if LGL or LTR (plain, recycled, thin, or colour) is loaded in a paper source whose settings in [Other] in [Paper Drawer Auto Selection On/Off] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration) are set to 'On'. However, if [Consider Paper Type] for [Copy] is set to 'On' in [Paper Drawer Auto Selection On/Off], you cannot print from a paper source with colour paper specified. (See "Enabling Paper Drawer Auto Selection.")

Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Set Destination] → [Address Lists].
Select one of the address lists 1 to 10 or [One-Touch] → press [Print List].
Press [Yes] → [Close].

Even if [Manage Address Book Access Numbers] in [Set Destination] (Settings/Registration) is set to 'On', all of the destinations in the selected address list (including those stored with Access numbers) are printed in the Address Lists.
For an example of an Address Book List, see "ADDRESS LISTS."