Department ID Management

What Is Department ID Management?

Department ID Management enables you to keep track of the copy and print totals for each department.
You can set an ID and PIN for each department, and manage the machine use for each ID.
Department ID Management is a function limited to users with a registered ID and PIN, and automatically records their use of the machine. You must enter a valid ID and PIN when copying or printing, and only one ID can be logged in at a time. This results in an accurate record of machine use for each ID.
If you install a Card Reader, you can use a card for authentication instead of entering an ID.
You can manage the number of pages used for each card, in the same way as an ID.
You can verify the totals for each ID from the machine's touch panel display, on the Print List, or via the Remote UI.
The Department ID Management and MG Counter totals may differ.
Authentication by card is only valid for copying. You cannot use a card to manage printing totals.
Features of Department ID Management
Only users with a registered ID and password can use this function.
You can manage copy/print totals for each ID.
You can set output restrictions for each ID.
Benefits of Using Department ID Management
By restricting an ID to one department, you can prevent users from other departments from using the ID.
Totals for each ID can be used by the administrator as a guide when determining the budget. By setting an ID for each user, you can keep track of the number of pages printed by each individual.
By setting a page limit (maximum number of prints) for each department, you can promote the prevention of waste copying and printing.
Helps minimize paper use, making it beneficial for obtaining ISO14001 certification.