Advanced Smoothing

[Advanced Smoothing]: [Off], [Smooth 1]*, [Smooth 2]
[Apply to Graphics]: [On], [Off]*
[Apply to Text]: [On]*, [Off]

This setting smoothes jagged outlines of graphics (illustrations created by application software) and characters.
[Smooth 2] performs a higher level of smoothing than [Smooth 1]. If [Smooth 1] is selected and the results are still not printed smoothly, select [Smooth 2].
By switching the on/off for 'Apply to Graphics' and 'Apply to Text', you can select whether to apply smoothing to graphics or text data.

This setting allows you to apply smoothing to graphics data and text data. Smoothing is not applied to image data.
"Apply to Graphics" and "Apply to Text" can only be selected when [Smooth 1] or [Smooth 2] is selected for Advanced Smoothing.
Settings for "Apply to Graphics" and "Apply to Text" on the touch panel display will be effective only if 'Printer Default' is set for Advanced Smoothing in the printer driver.
The results of Advanced Smoothing may differ depending on the characters and graphics patterns.