Staple Finisher-S1 (Optional)

Check the location of the paper jam, and follow the procedure described below, while referring to the directions that appear on the touch panel display, to remove the jammed paper.
The Staple Finisher-S1 is an optional product.
If there is paper in the output tray, remove the output paper before proceeding with this procedure.

Open the front cover of the finisher.
Turn the feed dial to deliver the jammed paper to the output tray.
If there is paper jammed in a location other than the output guide, follow the instructions in "Main Unit" to remove any jammed paper.
Remove any jammed paper from the output tray of the finisher.
Close the front cover of the finisher.
When closing the front cover of the finisher, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
The screen indicating the directions on how to clear the paper jam is displayed repeatedly until the paper jam is cleared.
After you have cleared all the paper jams, make sure to return all the covers to their original positions. Once you have removed all of the jammed paper, printing resumes.