Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings

You can set the machine to deliver information about Web pages registered in Favorites to other machines that are connected to the same network. For detailed instructions on specifying Device Information Delivery settings, see "Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings."
The following device information can be delivered within the Web Access function.
Delivered Information
Web Access Favorites
Web Access Favorites
Device information delivery is possible only when the Web Access Software is activated on both the host and client machines.

Device information can be delivered between machines of the same model. However, some information may not be delivered correctly depending on the optional products that are available for use on the machine.
Device information cannot be delivered if the System Manager ID and System PIN registered in the client machine differs from the System Manager ID and System PIN registered in the host machine.
During device information delivery, device information cannot be delivered to destination machines under the following conditions:
While favorites are being imported/exported from the Remote UI
While the Web Access is retrieving content
While the machine is printing
While favorites are being deleted
As a default, all settings for [Restrict Receiving for Each Function] are set to 'On'. To receive Web Access Favorites, select [Off]. (See "Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings.")