Gamma Correction

[Text]: [1.0], [1.4]*, [1.8], [2.2]
[Graphics]: [1.0], [1.4]*, [1.8], [2.2]
[Image]: [1.0], [1.4]*, [1.8], [2.2]

The brightness of printing can be adjusted to not lose the brightest and darkest portions of the original data.
For example, this setting is made when the printout is brighter than the original image (original photograph before being scanned, graphics created on a monitor, etc.) or when wanting to change the brightness before printing. The higher the value, the darker the printout. [1.4] is the value for an uncorrected (default) state.
Settings can be applied separately for text, graphics, and image data.

This setting is only applied if "CMS(Matching)/Gamma" is set to [Gamma].