Making the Colour More Vivid When Printing with Full Colour

You can set the colour to be more vivid when copying/printing stored files. You can set a default value for all jobs, rather than setting the colour for each job separately.
This mode is enabled if you select [Full Color] in [Select Color] for the Copy or Access Stored Files function, or if the machine detects that the original is in full colour when [Auto (Color/Black)] is selected.

Press (Settings/Registration).
[Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Image Quality] → [Full Color Printing Vividness Settings].
Select [Level 1] or [Level 2] → press [OK].
[Level 2] uses colour more vivid than [Level 1].
Press [Standard] to reproduce the colours of the original.
This setting is enabled only after you restart the machine (the main power switch is turned OFF, and then back ON). For information on how to turn ON and OFF the main power of the machine, see "Before You Start Using This Machine."