Setting the Printing Priority

A job that has a higher set priority can be set to print after the job currently being processed is complete.
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Common] → [Print Settings].
Press [Print Priority].
Select the printing priority → press [OK].
Select [1] for the function that you want to give the highest printing priority.
<Receive/Fax> is displayed only if the Fax function is available for use.
<Receive> is displayed if the Fax function is not available for use.
<Other> is used for setting the priority for printing reports.
PDL prints from MEAP applications are included in <Printer>.
If the same printing priority has been specified for multiple functions, printing starts with the first processed print job.

Priority printing does not take place until the current job is complete. However, if the current job is paused, the printing of a job that belongs to a function with a higher set priority may start, depending on the settings.