Energy Saving Features

You can conserve power efficiently when the machine is not being used by using the following modes.

Auto Sleep Mode

You can set the machine to enter the Sleep mode whenever you desire, by pressing (Energy Saver), or specify to have the machine enter the Sleep mode at a preset time. To reactivate the machine, press (Energy Saver) again.
Auto Sleep Weekly Timer
The machine automatically enters the Sleep mode at the specified time and day of the week set with the auto sleep weekly timer. To reactivate the machine, press (Energy Saver).

Even if the main power switch is turned OFF, a small amount of energy is consumed if the power plug is left inserted into the power outlet. If you do not want any energy consumed, remove the power plug from the power outlet.
The touch panel display turns OFF when the machine enters the Sleep mode.
The machine can continue to receive I-fax or fax documents, and process or print data sent from computers even if it is in the Sleep mode.
The machine may not enter the Sleep mode completely depending on certain conditions. For more information, see "Energy Consumption in the Sleep Mode."
Press (Energy Saver) to enter the Sleep mode when not using the machine for a prolonged period of time, for example, at night.
The time it takes for the machine to automatically enter the Sleep mode can be set from 10 seconds to 4 hours. The default setting is '1' minutes. (See "Auto Sleep Time.")
If a Macintosh, which has been turned OFF, is connected to the machine via a USB cable, when you turn the machine ON, the Macintosh may also turn ON. In this case, disconnect the USB cable. You may also be able to solve this problem by using a USB hub between the machine and the computer.
The Auto Sleep Weekly Timer settings can be set from Sunday to Saturday and 00:00 to 23:59. (See "Auto Sleep Weekly Timer Settings.")
If you select [Low] for [Sleep Mode Energy Use], it may take approximately 10 seconds for the touch panel display to appear after pressing (Energy Saver). (See "Energy Consumption in the Sleep Mode.")