Fax Information Services

Fax information services for banks, airline reservations, hotel reservations etc. often require tone dialing for their services. If your machine is connected to a rotary pulse telephone line, follow the procedure below to temporarily set the machine for tone dialing.
Make sure that you hear the dial tone before entering the fax number. If you enter the fax number before hearing the dial tone, the call may not be connected, or an incorrect number may be dialed.

Press [Fax] → [On-Hook].
Enter the recipient's fax number using - (numeric keys) → when your call is answered and you hear the recorded message of the fax information service, press [Tone].
To use a one-touch button, press [One-Touch] → select the desired one-touch button.
If you know the three digit number for the one-touch button, you can press  → enter the number of the desired one-touch button using - (numeric keys).
If you are already using this machine with tone dialing, this step is not necessary.
If the Copy Card Reader-F1 is attached, the line will be disconnected if you press [On-Hook] and then remove the control card while the line is engaged.
For more information on one-touch buttons, see "Specifying Destinations Using One-Touch Buttons."
You can adjust the volume of the dial tone by pressing or .
Enter the numbers requested by the fax information service using - (numeric keys), , and .
Press [Start RX] if you require a faxed copy of the information.
If you do not require a faxed copy of the information, press [End].
If you require more information about the service, contact the company providing the service.

When you use fax information services, you cannot specify a destination that is stored in the Address List or use the Job Recall mode.