Operations and Terms Used in This Manual (e-Manual)

This machine makes effective use of memory to perform print operations efficiently. For example, as soon as the machine has scanned the original that you want to copy, it can immediately scan the next person's original. You can also print from this machine, using a function other than the Copy function. This machine combines multiple operations, so that not only copies, but various types of jobs are placed in a queue before being processed.
To avoid confusion when reading this manual (e-Manual), the terms "scanning," "printing," and "copying," used throughout this manual are defined below. When making a copy, the process of scanning originals and printing copies may be described as separate functions.
Scanning an original to be copied, scanning an original to be sent, or scanning an original to be stored as data in the machine.
Outputting a copy, outputting data stored in the machine, or outputting data sent from a computer to the machine.
Printing data scanned from an original, followed by finishing options, such as stapling.