Administrator Settings

By specifying the administrator, you can restrict operations by general users on the Settings/Registration screen. You can set the following types of administrator on this machine. For information on the Settings/Registration items available with administrator privileges, see "Available Administrator Settings Table (Touch Panel Display)" and "Available Administrator Settings Table (Remote UI)."
System Manager
System Administrator (Administrator)*
Network Administrator (NetworkAdmin)*
Device Administrator (DeviceAdmin)*
*You can set this when using SSO-H.
System Manager
The System Manager can specify all of the system settings for the machine. As a default, System Manager settings (System Manager ID/System PIN) are set on the machine. Thus, the administrator must log in by entering the System Manager ID and the System PIN on the Settings/Registration screen. The default setting for both the System Manager ID and System PIN is '7654321'. It is recommended that you change both the System Manager ID and System PIN.
For instructions on specifying the System Manager Settings, see "Specifying the System Manager Settings."
System Administrator (Administrator)
The System Administrator (Administrator) can specify all of the system settings for the machine. To specify the authentication settings using SSO-H, set the System Manager Settings and use SMS (Service Management Service) from the Web browser. (See "MEAP.")
Network Administrator (NetworkAdmin)
The Network Administrator (NetworkAdmin) mainly manages the settings related to the network. You can specify the IP address settings required to connect to the network or the settings for IPSec and SNMP for security.
Device Administrator (DeviceAdmin)
The Device Administrator (DeviceAdmin) can specify settings such as paper type management settings and Send/Receive function settings.