Authentication Method Settings for Sending Operations

You can specify what type of authentication method you use for accessing personal folders or external servers, and which user name and password you use as authentication information.
The available authentication information for this function varies, depending on the type of servers and protocols. For example, you can use the authentication information registered for each user or server, or information that login service specified.
For details, see the following:
Personal Folder (See "Specifying Personal Folders.")
LDAP Server (See "Specifying Authentication Method for LDAP Server.")
Rights Management Server (See "Specifying Authentication Method for Rights Management Server.")
SMTP Server (See "Specifying Authentication Method for SMTP Server.")
File Server (See "Specifying Authentication Method for File Server.")
Scenes that require entering authentication information to use sending function are as follows.
Scenes Required Authentication Information
The Server to Browse for
User ID and Password
Registering an address obtained via an LDAP server to the address book
LDAP Server
Searching the destination via an LDAP server when sending a scanned data as an attached file in an E-mail message
LDAP Server
Scanning the document and generating PDF files that have viewing and other privileges managed by the security policy
Rights Management Server
Sending a scanned data as an attached file in an E-mail message
SMTP Server
Sending a scanned data to a File server
File Server
Browsing a file in an Advanced Space of another machine