Main Features for Sending Faxes

Equipped with features to meet the needs of document work in a digitized office, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4251i/4245i/4235i/4225i represents the ultimate in digital multitasking machines.
For information on the optional products required to use the fax function, see "Optional Products Required for Each Function."
The explanations of procedures in this category assume that the Super G3 FAX Board and Color Image Reader Unit-H1 are attached.

Super G3 Fax Function

This machine's Super G3 fax function is compatible with most Super G3 fax machines used in office environments. Super G3 enables higher speed fax transmissions than ordinary fax machines, thus reducing transmission costs. You can add lines by installing the Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board.

Increased Security with Subaddress Transmission

This machine's fax function is compatible with ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector) standard subaddress features. If the remote party's fax machine supports subaddress fax transmissions, you can send or receive documents with increased security by attaching a subaddress and a password to all of your fax transactions.

ECM Function for High Quality Images

This machine's fax function is compatible with ECM (Error Correction Mode). ECM corrects errors and distorted or poor quality fax transmissions that arise from line noise. It also enables you to send or receive high-quality faxes even if the condition of your telephone line is not ideal. (See "Enabling ECM Transmission.")

Flexible Scan Features

This machine offers a variety of convenient scanning features, such as scanning 2-sided and book originals, and the ability to merge and send documents scanned separately. You can also set the exposure and scan size to match the type of original that you are scanning.

Preview Function

You can use the preview function to check scanned images and preventing mistakes before sending.

Search for Destination via Remote Address Book

The machine can access a server machine on the network as a client machine to search for/specify destinations from the Address Book of the server machine.

Address Search with LDAP Server

You can search for a destination from the directory listings on the network using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) servers. You can then specify the address as a destination, or register it in the address book.

Receiving Faxes in Memory (See "Memory RX Inbox.")

You can set to store received fax documents in the Memory RX Inbox without printing them. You can then check the sender information and the number of pages that each document contains before printing it or forwarding it to another destination.

Automatic Forwarding

You can set the machine to automatically forward received fax documents that match the specified forwarding conditions to any destination using the desired send settings. You can also forward received fax documents to other machines (relay function) or automatically store received documents that are confidential in the Confidential Fax Inbox. You can also set automatic forwarding to activate at a specified time. Since received documents that do not match the forwarding conditions can also be forwarded to a desired destination, you can use this function to sort and deliver received fax documents to the appropriate destinations. (See "Storing Forwarding Settings.")

Remote Fax Function

You can send/receive faxes using the remote fax function and a server machine, even if this machine is not connected to a telephone line. Also, if the machine is connected to a telephone line, you can use the machine as a server machine. For details on using Remote Fax TX, see "Remote Fax TX Settings."