Favorite Settings

If you frequently send documents with the same document settings to the same destination, it is convenient to store these settings in a favorite button. Then, when you need to specify the destination, all you have to do is select the favorite button containing your stored document settings and the desired destination, and send your document.
To use this feature, you must first register the desired document settings and destinations in a favorite settings button. For instructions on registering destinations and settings in a favorite settings button, see "Registering/Editing Favorite Settings."

Press [Fax] → [Favorite Settings].
Select the desired Favorite Settings button.
Press [Yes].
You can manually change the settings recalled from the selected button before you send your documents.
If multiple destinations are stored in the selected button, the destinations may not be listed in the order in which they were set.
The destinations registered in the one-touch buttons stored in the favorite buttons of the client machine are not updated even if those registered in the one-touch buttons of a server machine are updated. Confirm if the destination is updated when you cannot send to the registered destinations.