Selecting the Sender's Name When Sending a Fax

You can set to print the sender's name on faxes at the recipient's end.
You can register the Sender Name to display instead of the unit's name from [Register Sender Name (TTI)]. (See "Registering/Editing/Deleting Sender Names.")

Press [Fax].
Specify the destination → press [Options] → [Sender Name (TTI)].
Select the sender name to use → press [OK] → [Close].
The name registered in Register Unit Name is displayed for [00] in the Sender Name list. (See "Registering the Unit's Name for E-Mail/I-Fax.")
If you set authentication by SSO-H, the login user's name appears in [100] in the Sender Name list.
For information on login services, see "SSO-H (Single Sign-On H)."