Available Paper Sizes

When received documents are printed, they are printed from the paper drawer that has the same paper size as the received document. If paper of the correct size is not available, the machine automatically selects a different paper size in the following order. (If all the switches in [Select Drawer] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration) are set to 'On'). The paper size is automatically selected in the same order, even if paper runs out during printing.

Available Paper Sizes for Received Documents

Size of Received Document
Paper Size Priority
A3 → A4* → A4R*
A4 → A4R → A3 → A5R x 3
A5R → A4 → A4R → A3
* Received documents are automatically reduced before being printed on the paper size indicated.

Received documents can be printed on the following paper sizes and paper types:
Size: A3, A4, A4R, or A5R
Paper Types: plain, recycled, colour, or custom paper type (paper with the following settings; Paper Weight: 64 to 90 g/m2, Type: Normal, Finish: Uncoated or Recycled)
You can specify each paper drawer for the fax function. The default setting is 'On', except for the multi-purpose tray. (See "Enabling Paper Drawer Auto Selection.")
You can set the machine to reduce received documents in 1% increments between 75% to 97% if the document is larger than any of the available paper sizes. (See "Reducing a Received File.")
You can change the order of paper selection. (See "Paper Drawer Selection.")
You can set the machine to print received documents on both sides of the paper. (See "2-Sided Printing.")