Calling from an Extension

This section describes only the procedure for entering fax numbers.
The R-key does not appear if you are using the Fax function with the Remote Fax Kit. In this case, enter the external dialing number instead of pressing the R-key.
For instructions on setting the R-key, see "R-Key Setting."

Press [Fax] → [R].
[Pause] → enter a fax number.
Example: Enter 516XXXXXXX as the fax number.
Press [Pause] after entering the outside line access number ('R' in the above example) and before entering the fax number.
Enter the pause time equivalent in length to the time required for the outside line dial tone to be heard after the outside line access number is called.
Press [Backspace] when a wrong number is entered. The number immediately to the left of the cursor is deleted, enabling you to enter the correct number.
Press [OK].