Login Service Selection

A login service is a service for authenticating users that log in to a machine. You can change or uninstall login services from the [System Management] page.
There are two kinds of factory default login services that you can use:

Default Authentication (Department ID Management)

SSO-H (Single Sign-On H)

SSO-H includes the following three user authentication systems: For instructions on selecting the user authentication system, see "Setting the User Authentication System."
Server Authentication
Local Device Authentication
Server Authentication + Local Device Authentication
For more information on login services and user authentication methods, see "SSO-H (Single Sign-On H)" and "Setting the User Authentication System."
Default Authentication (Department ID Management) is set to a usable state as the default. If you want to use SSO-H, set [Department ID Management] to 'Off' before changing the login service. For more information on Department ID Management settings, see "Specifying Department ID Management."

Click [Enhanced System Application Management].
Click [SWITCH] for the login service to use.
The selected login service application is set to 'Start after Restart'.
Turn the main power of the machine OFF → wait 10 seconds → turn the power ON.
The specified login service starts.
Changes to the login service settings are enabled after the machine is restarted. For instructions on turning ON/OFF the machine, see "Main Power and Energy Saver Key."

If you have logged in with the user name and password of the machine, the login service will not be displayed on the top of screen. To change the login service, log in with the SMS password.
To set Local Device Authentication, the registered information in Local Device Authentication and the registered user data (Department ID and PIN) in Department ID Management of the machine have to match.
To use Local Device Authentication and Department ID Management at the same time, update the Local Device Authentication user data (Department ID and corresponding PIN) and set [Department ID Management] to 'On', after switching the login service to SSO-H.
If 'Server Authentication' or 'Server Authentication + Local Device Authentication' of SSO-H is set, you cannot use the control card reader.
If you are using the SSO-H Active Directory Authentication, you must match the time settings of the server with Active Directory installed and the time settings of the machine (and the computer to log in with).
If SSO-H is set as the login service, it takes time to access the Remote UI.