Registering a Personal Button/Shared Button

The number of Personal and Shared buttons that can be registered is as follows:
Personal button: Each user can register a maximum of 15 buttons (maximum total of 3,000 buttons per machine)
Shared button: A maximum of 15 buttons per machine
Press the function button that you want to register → specify the settings to register.
For example, if you want to scan two-sided originals and send the document as a Compact PDF via e-mail to your client:
Press [Scan and Send].
If the desired function is not displayed on the Main Menu screen, press [Show All].
For information on the Scan and Send function, see "Scan and Send."
Select [New Destination].
Press [E-Mail].
Enter your client's e-mail address → press [OK] → [OK].
Press the file format button.
Press [PDF] for <File Format> → [Compact] → [OK].
Press [Options] → [2-Sided Original].
Select the type of two-sided original → press [OK] → [Close].
Press .
Press [Register to Quick Menu].
If you select [Device Login Auth. Info.] for [Info. Used for File TX/Browsing Auth.] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration), a password for a file destination is not stored in a personal button or a shared button in the Quick Menu. For more information on settings for [Info. Used for File TX/Browsing Auth.], see "Specifying Authentication Method for File Server."
You can select whether to include the following password when registering settings in a Personal button or Shared button in the Quick Menu:
A password required to access to the file server when registering a file destination
If you want to recall the registered button without entering a password, include a password when registering.
If you want to set password in the settings stored in the registered button, as you often import settings in a Personal button or Shared button to another machine and you want to prevent users from pretending to be other users, exclude a password when registering.
Press [Next].
Specify the recall settings for the button to register → press [Next].
<Display Confirmation Screen When Recalling>
If you select [On], when the registered button is recalled, the confirmation dialog box for the settings is displayed. For more information on the confirmation dialog box for the settings, see "Recalling a Personal Button/Shared Button."
<Start Operation for Recall (Operation starts when button is pressed.)>
If you select [On], operations registered in the button start without confirmation of settings when you press the registered button. You do not have to press to start the job.
Select [Personal] or [Shared] → select the button you want to register → press [Next].
Enter a button name and comment.
Press [Name] → enter a name → press [OK].
Press [Comment] → enter a comment → press [OK].
Press [OK] → [Close].
If you want to change the name or comment, press [Rename].

The number of Personal buttons that can be registered may be less than the maximum, depending on the memory usage of the Quick Menu function.
For instructions on using a Personal button/Shared button, see "Recalling a Personal Button/Shared Button."
If authentication is not set, the Personal buttons are not displayed.