Retrieving Audit Logs

If you set this mode to 'On', you can generate the following logs. You can manage (export/clear) the generated logs using the Remote UI.
Mail Box Document Operation Log
Mail Box Authentication Log
Network Connection Log
Machine Management Log
For more information on the method for managing audit logs, see "Audit Log Management."

Press .
Press [Management Settings] → [Device Management] → [Save Audit Log].
Press [On] → [OK].
Select [Off] if you do not want to retrieve audit logs.

If you set this mode to 'On', [Adjust Time] is grayed out and both administrators and general users are unable to edit this setting to maintain the reliability of the date recorded on the audit log. (See "Current Time Adjustment.")
Changes are only effective after you restart the machine (the main power switch is turned OFF, and then back ON). For instruction on restarting (turning the main power switch OFF and then ON) the machine, see "Before You Start Using This Machine."