Data Compression Ratio

You can set the compression ratio for colour/grayscale scanned data.
Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Send] → [Common Settings].
Press [Data Compression Ratio].
Select a compression ratio → press [OK].
Details of each item are shown below:
[High Ratio]:
The data size is small, but the image quality is low.
The data size and image quality are in between those of [High Ratio] and [Low Ratio].
[Low Ratio]:
The data size is large, but the image quality is high.
If you want to select compact or trace & smooth for the PDF file format or select compact for the XPS file format, it is recommended that you set Data Compression Ratio to 'Normal' or 'Low Ratio'. If you set [Data Compression Ratio] to 'High Ratio', images may be output in low quality even if you select 'Quality Priority' in [High Compression Image Quality Level] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration).
This setting is disabled when sending faxes.