Superimpose Image

This mode enables you to superimpose a previously scanned image (image form) registered in the machine's memory on the output.
This mode can be used only for printing a file stored in a mail box.
To use the Superimpose Image mode, the image form must be registered in the machine beforehand. (See "Registering Forms for the Superimpose Image Mode.")

Press [Access Stored Files] → [Mail Box].
Select the desired Mail Box → select the desired file → press [Print].
Press [Change Print Settings].
Press [Options] → [Superimpose Image].
Press [Set] for the side of the paper you want to superimpose.
<Back Side> can only be selected for a two-sided print.
To specify the same settings as <Front Side> for <Back Side>, press [Same as Front Side].
Select the image form to be superimposed over the original → press [OK].
To print and check a registered image form, press [Check Print] → select the paper size → press [Start Printing].
Image forms stored in the RGB colour format are indicated with a  icon. Image forms stored in the CMYK colour format are indicated with a  icon. (Colour image forms are indicated with a colour icon.)
To check the detailed information for the selected image form, press [Details].
Press [OK] → [Close].

For information on the modes which cannot be set in combination with this mode, see "Unavailable Combination of Functions."
If the size of the image form differs from the original, this mode may not operate correctly. Use the same size image form and original for this mode.
Printing performance may not be optimal, depending on the content of the file and image form. 
The moiré effect (a shimmering, wavy pattern) may occur, depending on the content of the file and image form.
You can register up to 100 image forms. However, this number varies depending on the capacity of the hard disk.
The Superimpose Image mode cannot be used with files including images with resolutions of less than 600 x 600 dpi.
Print modes other than the Shift mode can only be used for printing images.
The Superimpose Image mode cannot be used if the resolution of the image form and file differ.
You cannot select image forms with differing resolutions for the back and front sides.
The check print is a sample print. The actual printout may vary slightly with the check print.