Flow of Scan and Store Operations

This section describes the flow of basic Scan and Store operations for each storage location type.

Before using this function, it is useful to read the following topics:
Main Power and Energy Saver key (See "Main Power and Energy Saver Key.")
Entering Characters from the Touch Panel Display (See "Entering Characters from the Touch Panel Display.")
Routine Maintenance (See "Maintenance.")
If you are using a login service, log in and out of the service before and after operating the machine.
If you are using Department ID Management with the Copy Card Reader-F1, see "Copy Card Reader-F1."
If you are using Department ID Management, see "Entering the Department ID and PIN."
If you are performing user authentication using the SSO-H login service, see "Login Service."
To check whether the file was stored correctly in the Advanced Space/the Advanced Space of another machine on the network, press (Status Monitor/Cancel) → [Store] → [Log]. If the result is displayed as "NG," press [Details] to check the error code. For more information on the causes and remedies for each error code, see "List of Error Codes without Messages."