Recalling Previous Send Jobs

You can recall the three most recent send settings.
Press [Scan and Send] → [Previous Settings].
Select the settings to recall → press [OK].
You can change the settings for a recalled send job.
If there are multiple destinations stored in one log, the order of the destinations shown in the list may not correspond to the order in which they were set.
If you recall Encrypted PDF settings from [Previous Settings] when logging in using SSO-H, you can recall and set stored passwords also.

You can store a series of destination, scan, or send settings specified before pressing (Start) as a single group of Previous Settings.
The Standard mode cannot be recalled or stored.
If you set [Manage Address Book Access Numbers] to 'On', you cannot recall settings from memory. (See "Managing the Address Book with Access Numbers.")
If you set any address type to 'On' in [Limit New Destination], the currently stored Previous Settings are deleted. (See "Restricting Sending to New Addresses.")
The three most recent settings that were stored in memory are not deleted even when the main power is turned OFF.