Enabling Auto Orientation

Setting this mode enables the machine to use information such as the size of the original and the zoom ratio to determine the most suitable orientation for the specified paper size. The machine then automatically rotates the image if necessary.
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Copy] → [Auto Orientation].
Press [On] → [OK].
Select [Off] if you do not want to enable auto orientation.
If you are enlarging A4, B5, or A5 originals are enlarged onto A3 or B4 copy paper, Auto Orientation is not performed even if you select [On].
Only the images of standard size originals up to A4 size can be rotated when the copy ratio is set to 100%.
If you set Automatic Paper Selection and the most suitable paper size is not available, the paper source that is loaded with paper of the same size is displayed as optimal, even if the orientation is different.