Pause Time

You can set the number of seconds to pause when sending faxes.
Some overseas dialing may be affected by the distance or complex routing of connections when dialing the international access code, country code, and the destination's telephone number all at once. In such cases, insert a pause after the international access code. When the machine dials the number, it will pause where the pause was inserted in the number. This helps to improve the connection.
For information on the optional products required to use this function, see "Optional Products Required for Each Function."
You can insert a pause on the screen where you specify the fax number. (See "Overview of This Function.")

Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Send] → [Fax Settings].
Press [Set Pause Time].
Press [-] or [+] to set the pause time → [OK].

Pauses entered at the end of dialed fax numbers are always 10 seconds long.