Importing Favorites from a Computer File

You can import a list of favorites into the machine from a computer file.
When you import favorites from a computer file, the existing registered favorites in the machine are overwritten.
When you import a file, use the same file format as the data that was exported. Data in a different format cannot be imported.
The imported Web pages are displayed as buttons on the Main Menu screen.
When 21 or more favorites are imported, only the first 20 pages in the list are imported.

Click [Settings/Registration] → select [Data Management] for <Management Settings>.
If the System Manager ID and System PIN are set, a dialog box prompting you to enter the System Manager ID and System PIN appears. Enter the System Manager ID and System PIN → click [OK].
Click [Web Access Favorites] for <Import/Export Individually> → [Import...].
Click [Browse] → select the file to import → click [Start Importing].
Do not import any files while the machine is executing other jobs.